The Barge Showgrounds Events Centre is set in one of Whangarei, Northland’s, most iconic park-like locations. The events centre is a multi-use facility with a three-metre wide deck on three sides of the building, creating an ideal indoor-outdoor environment for both weddings and corporate meetings or training days.

The roof design allows for protection from all weather conditions, while outdoor wooden tables and chairs are available for use on the deck.

Inside, the centre can be moulded to your needs, with sliding doors to partition off the large, open room, creating a venue that can cater from 180 people right down to a small group for a business meeting. And there are no imposing columns or pillars in the way!

Overall, the events centre can be whatever you want it to be and our team are there to help make it a reality. You can choose to walk in/walk out and leave our team to set up the venue for you; or you can take charge and create your vision yourself. It is up to you – we offer you a great venue, make it yours.

For more choice and an idyllic venue, look no further than Barge Showgrounds Events Centre.

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